For fixing to solid walls to leave the floor clear or where the floor is sprung. Not suitable for stud walls or walls not of sound construction.
- Black texture paint finish which hides fingermarks well.
- Gives height adjustment for all ages from the very youngest child to the tallest adult.
- Full barre access.
- Securely fixed design.
- Straightforward installation by expanding wall bolts (not supplied). We regret that we cannot offer an installation service but installation is well within the capabilities of a competent person.
- Robust and durable construction.
- All steel construction to avoid the possible warping and splintering problems inherent in wooden poles under hard use.
- Poles and stems can be easily removed for wall cleaning or to be used in conjunction with Mode bases (available separately) as portable barres

Mode Wall mounting, 2 metre barre - code WB/P

  • Please note that the Mode Wall barre components are not compatible with the Mode Home range but are largely compatible with either the Mode Studio or Mode Classic

    2 metre extension sections are available separately to add to this to make a barre of any length. See WB/E below.

    Pole length: 2 metres (79 inches). Pole cross section: 44 mm diameter (1 3/4"). Height adjustment: 400 mm (15 1/2") - the bracket can be fastened at any height of your choice. Pole distance from wall: 250 mm (10"). Pole material: Black, texture painted, mild steel.Bracket material: Black, texture painted, mild steel. Stem material: Gold colour, plated, mild steel. Standard adjustment allows between 10 and 12 inches from the wall to centre of the pole. We will cut the stub for you free of charge if you advise us at ordering that you need this distance to be between 6 and 10 inches. Removable stub is ideal for through mirror mounting as the stub can be fixed to the wall before the mirror with the rest of the bracket added after mirror installation. You get one pole, two wall mounting brackets (with stubs) and two stems.

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