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We operate a returns and cancellation policy as stated by the European Union. Please see our terms and conditions for full details. 


Do you provide International delivery?


Yes we can ship to most parts of the world. Please contact us for more information as this will depend on destination. 


Do your prices include VAT


The prices shown for all barres include VAT at 20%. 


Do you accept credit cards?


Payment is handled through the PayPal system so you can  pay using all major credit and debit cards.

Alternatively, payment can be made through your online banking and the BACS system. Please ask for my bank details.


.How do I assemble the barre?


Assembly is simple and straightforward - follow these instructions and you can be up and practicing in no time. Assembly must be done in the following order;

a) All stems must be inserted into the bases and securely locked with the same number of 'pips' showing on every stem.

b) The barre should be placed on the floor and one end raised to allow the first base to be inserted into the barre socket and the screw securely tightened. The assembly is now stable with the base on the floor and the other end of the barre on the floor.

c) The next base should be selected, one with a single headed stem if the barre is to be used on its own or a forked double headed stem if one or more extensions are to be added. The barre end can now be picked off the floor and the selected base inserted into its socket and the screw tightened. Lower the second base to the floor.

d) Subsequent extension barres should be assembled individually and separately from the main barre. The procedure is as in (a) and (b) with the completion of assembly being the raising of the barre end off the floor and placing on the exposed fork of the double headed stem on the main barre. Any further extensions will be assembled in the same way. Be careful of the potential trapping point between adjacent poles. 

e) Extensions can be assembled at right angles to the previous barre.


g) Dis-assembly is the reverse of this procedure.

Please read the health and safety notices by visiting our terms and conditions page


I bought some barres some years ago and I don't see them in your current range?



A while ago we had a simplification in the names we used to describe our barres - the actual barres didn't change.

If you had bought either MMBB/S or MMBB/SE, Senior barres - these are now the HB/P and HB/E, Home barres. 

If you had bought either MMBB/P or MMBB/E, Professional barres - these are now the CB/P and CB/E, Classic barres.

If you had bought either MMCB/P or MMCB/E, Contemporary barres - these are now the SB/P and SB/E, Studio barres.

How compatible are new Mode barres with older Mode barres?


In general, we have ensured that a modern barre will be compatible with any older barres that you may already possess with one proviso. On the earliest version of the Classic barres, the method of attachment of the pole to the stem was different to that used now. These older barres have a coach bolt and a wing nut which must be unscrewed and the bolt withdrawn before the pole can be separated from the stem. It is a tedious operation and the bolt/nuts were often lost which is why the design changed to a clamp screw.

If you put a new pole onto an old style stem (identified by having a hole drilled right through near the top) there will not be a problem. If you have an older style pole and you are purchasing a new stem, please tell us and we will be happy to drill the necessary hole free of charge before dispatch.


Do you hold barres in stock?


We don't want you to be disappointed by having to wait for your new barre so we normally have stock to fulfill your order. Occasionally, a large order comes in or a series of smaller orders come all together and we run out before we have finished making some more. If this happens we will advise you of the delay and your cheque will not be cashed until the new batch is ready.


What is the correct height for a dance barre?


To enhance the flexibility of our barres, all come with height adjustment so that you can find the most comfortable height to use. Height adjustment is quickly and simply performed without tools and is not restrained by predefined increments.

 In instances where an ideal height must be specified, we have a 'rule of thumb' for working out the appropriate height for a dance barre as it doesn't necessarily go by age or height. If you stand upright with your back straight, feet together and flat on the floor, now put your arms straight down your sides and relax the shoulders. Bend your arms at the elbow only until your forearms and hands are parallel with the floor and then bend the elbow down so that your fingertips drop by one inch. This is the ideal height for the barre so get someone to measure from your fingertips to the floor.


Will the barres fit in a car?


The simple answer is yes, they will. You may have to put a seat down to accomodate the pole but the barres will fit in most cars. I have it on good authority from my wife that it will also definitely fit in a VW Polo!